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About us

Chef and proprietor Susan Measham has over 25 years' experience within the catering industry.

In 1997, Susan was introduced to Indian cuisine by a close friend & colleague who was originally from Gujarat, north India. This first inspired her interest in Indian cooking.

In 1999, this love of Indian cooking spawned "Dinner Party in a Box". Having enjoyed great success in England, in 2009 "Dinner Party in a Box" was successfully introduced to Graz in Austria.

Now re-branded as "Indian Cuisine - Taste of the Raj", the company launched here in the Dordogne in January 2012. That marked Susan's fifteenth year preparing authentic Indian & Raj style cuisine.

We have strived for many years to achieve the authentic taste of the wonderful flavors of the East. The Balti style dishes being the base of some of the many dishes we produce. Using innovation, creativity and traditional cooking methods with diverse flavors in every dish, some spicy yet some milder, achieves the taste our customers love.

Susan Measham, proprietor.

Find us

Indian Cuisine - Taste of the Raj

Fontaine Pinson
24340 Vieux-Mareuil

Tel: 05 53 60 48 09
Mob: 00 44 78 54 60 88 37

Raj Cuisine

The name "Taste Of Raj" translates quite literally as "Royal Taste" and this is the philosophy behind our extensive menu. With an emphasis on refined yet creative Indian Cuisine, the menu incorporates both traditional classic favourites along with our own contemporary signature dish "Chilli Chicken".

A History of Indian Style Cooking

The Balti Dish

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'Balti' food is named after the pot in which it is cooked and served. The origin of the word is to do with the Urdu and Hindi word Balty, which means "bucket" and was used predominantly in the north of India. The origins of Balti cooking are wide ranging and owe as much to China and Tibet, the tastes of the Moghul emperors, the aromatic spices of Kashmir, and the 'winter foods' of lands high in the mountains.

Indian Curry Dishes

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The British Raj was the British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. The chefs in India made dishes for the British Raj which were a combination of Indian and British food. The dishes on this menu are only a few which originated from this way of cooking. The recipes have matured over the years into what the British now call Indian Cuisine, Chicken Tika Masala being the exception.

Chicken Tika Masala

An unproven explanation of the origins of the dish is that it was conceived at a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland in the early 1970s, when a customer, who found the traditional Chicken Tika too dry, asked for some sauce. Ahmed Aslam Ali claims to be the chef who invented the dish at his Shish Mahal restaurant in Glasgow by improvising a sauce made from yogurt, cream and spices.

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